Legislative Agenda – 2014

In educating Indiana’s young people for their roles as citizens and productive members of our society, IUSA looks forward to the 2014 Legislative Session and collaborative efforts with all concerned. Building on the record of continuous  improvement, investment and innovation, IUSA recognizes equity means opportunity for each youngster, regardless of how, when or where that child enters the system. Education is the principal economic engine of our democracy and an investment in our collective future. In alignment with the Indiana Constitution, IUSA will work toward all legislation which advances the well being and achievement of each student.

  • Replace the current A-F system with a criterion based system focused on individual student improvement which can be aggregated to the building level.  Parent requested test re-scores and school appeal procedures prior to any public announcement of school grades should continue to be part of the new system. The new system should be finalized for use with the 2013-14 student data.
  • Promote and support legislation which grants meaningful circuit breaker relief, establishes new   revenue streams and provides mechanisms for debt restructuring.
  • Support legislation that requires all Indiana schools that receive state revenue to observe state required levels of transparency, information access & reporting responsibilities.  This would include, but is not limited to, student attendance, academic results, financial auditing, teacher evaluation and special education reporting.
  • Ensure that any change to the basis for determining a school corporation’s complexity index  funding does not require families to fill out duplicative forms or impose an undue administrative burden on school corporations.
  • Support a Summer Study Committee to review the impact of recent education legislation changes on local communities and their economies. This Committee would be charged with quantifying its findings.
  • IUSA supports Pre School Education for all students in Indiana. The need is critical. Public/private partnerships, licensed by the state, in support of & delivering Pre K Education are encouraged.
  • Seek legislation to enhance the content of public referendums to include a description of how the funding, if approved, will be used.